Camping Salad in a Jar

Camping Salad in a Jar

Hello, hello!  I hope that your summer has been off to a fabulous start!  We have hit the ground running with lots of camping, pool days and adventures already in the works.  Have you experienced “Salad In A Jar” parties yet?!  They have picked up momentum here in the Okanagan so I began to host these fun get togethers this spring.  Don’t worry, I will tell you more and be sharing tips, tricks and recipes all summer long!  But I wanted to quickly show how fabulous these salads are for camping!!

Camping Salad in a Jar

Meal preparation for camping can be so important!  If you start with a meal plan and having your ingredients all prepared, often your trip in the great outdoors runs a lot smoother.  I like to do as much of the prep work at home to avoid extra time, clean up and garbage  while camping.  This includes salads.

I often pack hardy salads like this Pasta Salad, Potato Salad or Quinoa Salad because they travel well.  But now bringing fresh, crisp produce couldn’t be easier with these Salads in a Jar!  Simply add the ingredients for your favorite green salad to a 1 Litre wide mouth mason jar.  Start with your heavier ingredients at the bottom and lighter lettuce or spinach at the top.  Boil a few eggs or grill some chicken breast to add to each salad and you have a complete camping meal.  You can add your salad dressing to the bottom of your mason jar in the beginning or afterward when you are ready to eat.

These are super portable and easy to store.  They remain fresh in the mason jar for at least five days which is a huge win when travelling and camping!  One jar usually serves two full meals or four side salads paired with grilled steak or salmon.  Yum!

Be sure to stick around this summer for many more salad ideas…

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