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I'm Just a Little Cooler T-shirt (1)

Our family loves to go camping.  So every year I try to create a new camping t-shirt for the boys.  
You can find last years S’more Smores T-shirt here and our I Love Camping T-shirt here.

Dragonfly Designs
This year I found a cartoon image of a cooler saying “don’t hate me just cuz I’m a little cooler” and I thought that it would be totally cute for the boys.  I dropped the “hate” because I am not a fan of encouraging the boys to say “hate”.  Weird?  
Anywho here’s how it came together…

I'm Just a Little Cooler T-shirt (3)

I started by cutting the words out of freezer paper.  I used my cricut cutting machine but you could easily cut them out by hand, it would just take a bit longer.

I'm Just a Little Cooler T-shirt (4)

I ironed the stencil onto the t-shirt.

I'm Just a Little Cooler T-shirt (5)

And created a text bubble and cooler stencil as well.  These stencils I just sketched onto the freezer paper with a pencil then cut out.  I ironed these onto the shirt as well.

I'm Just a Little Cooler T-shirt (7)

Then I painted inside of the stencils using acrylic fabric paint.  Be sure to put a scrap piece of paper between the front and back of the shirt so that the paint doesn’t seep to the back of the shirt.

I'm Just a Little Cooler T-shirt (8)

Using puffy fabric paints and a brush I free handed the details on the cooler.


Now the boys have some pretty rad t-shirts to wear camping this summer.
Thanks for reading ~ be sure to stop by tomorrow for more boy t-shirt goodness!!
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  1. Sky says

    So cute! Awesome job on your free hand! Confession: I’ve never tried freezer paper stenciling! I really need to just do it already! And I don’t allow my boys to say hate, stupid, or kill either 🙂 Excited for this week!


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