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Hi everyone!
We drag our boys out into nature every chance that we get.  We recently moved up in the world of camping to a tent trailer.  Were are not quite glamping yet but have definitely moved in the right direction.  Our trailer does not have a washroom so we are still at the mercy of our campground facilities.  A place to store and carry toiletries is a must have for us.  This year I decided to create one especially for the boys.

Here is how you can too…

Camping Toiletries Bag (2)

1. Start by cutting out four rectangles of fabric.  Two for the outside of the bag and two for the inside.  I used a sturdy cotton canvas fabric from Wholeport.  I love the funky horses!  Canvas makes these bags extra durable too.

Camping Toiletries Bag (3)

2. With right sides facing, sew the outer rectangles together, leaving the top open.

Camping Toiletries Bag (4)

3. Sew the inner rectangles together, leaving the top open.

Camping Toiletries Bag (5)

4. Using a zig zag stitch create two rectangle shapes at the top of the inner bag.

Camping Toiletries Bag (6)

5.  Place the outer bag into the inner bag, right sides facing.  Sew together at the top, leave a 1 inch hole for inverting.

Camping Toiletries Bag (7)

6. Invert the bag and tuck the inner bag into the outer bag.

Camping Toiletries Bag (12)

7. Top stitch around the top of the bag and create a pocket by stitching about 1 inch from the top of the bag, all the way around.

Camping Toiletries Bag (14)

8. Thread a cord into the pocket to create a drawstring.

Camping Toiletries Bag (15)

I love the look of this “cool dude” horse {as my kids would say}.

Camping Toiletries Bag (17)

The dollar store is the perfect place to find travel sized toiletries.  Check out this 10 Best Camping Supplies post for more dollar store finds.

Camping Toiletries Bag (25)

Fill the toiletry bag and you are good to go!

Camping Toiletries Bag (28)

I created coordinating boy and girl bags.  This way if we all want to head to the facilities to shower at the same time, we all have our own stuff!
Thanks for reading!  

Originally posted on 733.  
Fabric review provided by Wholeport.
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