Can It.

Next time the kids are fighting I’m going to hand them a Mason Jar and tell them to can it!!
Hmmm they might look at me like I’m crazy but it should buy me a minute of peace. LOL

I’ve been keeping my ears open for when peaches would be ready locally and where I could get my hands on some.

One of my girlfriends posted on FB that peaches were ready!  I had no idea where though and on a hunch drove past her house ~ sure enough it was her neighbor who was selling peaches.  Score! 
So I bought 40 lbs {is that a lot?}

I haven’t started any canning yet ~ it’s been a crazy summer ~ but I have a bunch of cute labels {found in the Michaels clearance section} that I can’t wait to use.
If you are all geared up for canning season, here are a bunch of my recipes from last year:
Apple Sauce
Grape Jelly
Apple Butter
Plum Jam
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