Cap Sleeve Top Tutorial

I have been having fun making myself some really cute spring tops.  For this Cap Sleeve Top I used the same principles as my Simple Tunic Top but changed the neckline and sleeves. 
Here’s the how-to…
You will need:
1 meter of fabric
1 pkg coordinating bias tape
Coordinating thread
1 pkg 6mm elastic
Elastic thread
1.  Grab an existing tank top that fits well and trace the neckline and arm holes onto your folded fabric.
2.  Cut out the arms and neck {front and back} and be sure to add seam allowances.
3.  Cut out two sleeves.  The curved portion should be just a bit longer that the entire length of each arm hole.
4.  Serge or iron and fold all edges.
5.  Iron and sew a small pocket along the straight edge of the sleeves.  Make sure it is wide enough to fit your 6mm elastic through.
6.  Sew the shoulders {if needed} and sides of the top together.
7.  Measure the circumference of your arm and cut that much elastic plus 1/2″ for each arm.  Thread the elastic into the pocket on the sleeve using a safety pin.
8.  tack the elastic in place at each end of the pocket on the sleeves.
9.  With right sides facing, pin and sew the curved edge of the sleeve to the arm seam {not pictured}.  Add a quick straight stitch to affix the two ends of the sleeve together.
10.  Sew bias tape to neckline.  Try to stretch the bias tape as you sew.  This will help your neckline to lie flat.
11.  Tack the top of the bias tape into place.
12.  Fold, iron and sew a hem for your top.
13.  Using elastic thread in your bobbin, sew a few rows under the bust line of the top.
14.  Apply steam to the shirred section.  {Before steam}
15.  Your done!  {After steam}
A cute Cap Sleeve Top to add to my spring/summer wardrobe.
Thanks for stopping by!

xo Heather

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