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We are continuing our Learn to Crochet series today with this chain stitch.  

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This is one of the first stitches that my Grandma taught me when I was a young girl and the only stitch that I remember from that time!  You could make fabulous, long skipping ropes out of yarn with this stitch!  Many, many skipping ropes! ha
Often a chain is used as the foundation to a crochet pattern.  Some common terminology that you should know is “yarn over” which means to bring a piece of yarn over your hook from behind and “pull through” which means pulling the yarn through a stitch.
Now lets get started…

Learn To Crochet Chain Stitch

Begin with your slip knot on your crochet hook.


Learn To Crochet Chain Stitch

Often my students ask me where they should be holding the yarn and I hope that this photo will help to answer that question.  The tail of the yarn {and your work as you crochet} should be held by your third and fourth finger with the working yarn draped over your index finger. 

Learn To Crochet Chain Stitch

Holding the hook in your dominant hand, yarn over.

Learn To Crochet Chain Stitch

Catch that piece of yarn with your hook and pull it through the slip knot on your hook.

Learn To Crochet Chain Stitch

A single chain stitch will look like this.

Learn To Crochet Chain Stitch

Practising this chain stitch is a great way to become more comfortable holding your hook and yarn.  In class I have my students create a chain as long as their arm, undo it all only to chain the length of their arm again. hee hee



It’s a good idea to become familiar with what each stitch in the chain looks like.  Here you can see little hills of yarn along our chain.  Each one of those “hills” is a stitch.  So in the photo above we have a chain of eleven stitches which would give us a foundation for ten stitches because when crocheting from the chain you skip the stitch that is closest to the hook.  Now you are ready to move on to a single crochet stitch.

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