Chewbacca Painted Rock

Chewbacca Painted Rock

Oh my gosh you guys!! How adorable is this Chewbacca Painted Rock?!?  After creating these Star Wars Rock Photo Holders I left our crafting materials out in the kitchen for… days before I got a chance to put them away.  And you know what?!  It was awesome because any chance that the boys got they were crafting with rocks!!

I absolutely love watching them put their creativity to use.  New plan?  Leave the craft supplies out more often and watch the creativity bloom.  Seriously, its awesome what our kids can do with just a bit of inspiration.  They were painting all sorts of star wars characters and Halloween guys.  My favorite, of course, was this Chewbacca rock because well…. we all know that Chewbacca Rocks!  **Pun intended** Huge Star Wars nerd alert…. lol

Chewbacca Painted Rock

So today I have a challenge for you.  Grab the craft supplies and scatter them about the kitchen or dining room (if they are not already there).  Leave them out for an extended period of time and allow the kids to get creative!  You’d be surprised at what they can get up to…

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