Christmas Advent Calendar

I have been slacking a bit in the advent calendar department. Sure I went out and bought the boys those calendars with chocolates the size of my thumb nail… but I wanted to do something more this year.

Christmas Advent Calendar Enter these fab ideas here and here.

Christmas Advent Calendar I found my old string of clothespins {see the blue polka dot squares? that’s them ~ they used to have hearts painted on the squares so I covered them with the coordinating patterned paper}.

Christmas Advent Calendar Then I created little folders out of more patterned paper.

Christmas Advent Calendar And cut out circles with my cricut then used some rub-ons for my numbers.

Christmas Advent Calendar Inside each folder I wrote out good deeds that I thought we could complete each day with the boys. Yesterday they were to ~ say hello and smile at everyone they met. When Grandma came over to visit Cameron said “Hello Grandma, Smile!” It was so cute!

Have an awesome day!

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