Our Hand Crafted Christmas Tree

Hello friends!  I am really pleased with how our Christmas Tree came together this year.  Year after year the whole process seems to get easier!  Today I wanted to share our 2018 Christmas Tree with y’all and a few tips that help me to make it a smooth and enjoyable task.


One of the things that I added this year that I absolutely love is this Woven Tree Collar.  Be sure to check out the easy do-it-yourself hack to create your own tree collar for under $5.  It adds just the right finishing touch to our tree.

I posted a poll on Instagram this year asking if I should put the tree up in front of our picture window or in the corner of our living room.  Ultimately I went with a completely different option and stuck it smack dab in the middle of our gallery wall.  What do you think?  I still need to add our new family photos to the fames on the wall but I am loving it already!

Originally I thought to keep my holiday decor very neutral but quickly decided that it needed a pop of colour.  Red is always my go-to for Christmas and this year was no different.  A red throw of the chair and red pillow on the loveseat help to tie everything together.

About 50% of the ornaments on this tree are hand made or hand crafted.  Each year I find a few new items to add, always remembering to stick to my rustic, textural theme.  I love the eclectic look of these ornaments.  Every time that you look at our tree you will find something new and unique.

I put a poll on Facebook asking which tree topper we should go with.  This reindeer head won out this year!

I finished off the base of our tree with this DIY Tree Collar, a fur rug from Walmart, a thrifted cake stand and a couple of new signs from Michaels.

This year I added a bit of black, red and cream buffalo plaid to our decor.  I made these new Holiday Ribbon Picks which add an awesome pop of colour and texture to our tree.

We’ve been playing “Where’s Waldo” Christmas tree edition on Instagram lol.  Can you spot the Starbucks ornament?

How is your Christmas Tree decorating going?  I would love to see it!  Please share in the comments…


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