Classic Bento

Classic Bento

Have I convinced you yet that bento lunches are truly quick and easy to put together?
When the boys started Kindergarten in September and I started making them bento style lunches I had many friends who were skeptical.  They look like a lot of work, I have to admit.  There are a few simple tricks to making them so fast to throw together that I leave the preparation for every morning before school.  

1. Make ahead pizza buns.  My kids love pizza buns!  Having a batch or two in the freezer, ready for school lunches is brilliant.
2. Cut up a weeks worth of pickles, cheese, meat etc. and put it into air tight containers in the fridge.  Ready for lunch box loading in the morning!
3. Use containers {like these ones from Easy Lunchboxes} that have divided compartments.  They make packing lunches a cinch!

Today we have:  blueberries, cutie oranges, pickles, cheese, pepperoni, crackers and a hard boiled eggs {using an egg mould from Wholeport}.

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