Cooking With Kids ~ Pizza

Okay, so I like to use my kids as guinea pigs for my Preschool Classes.  I find out what works and what doesn’t work pretty quickly.  For my Mini Chefs program I had planned to make pizza with the children.  Here’s what it looked like with my own kids:

I had all of the ingredients diced, chopped, shredded and prepared.
I used Crescent Rolls at home ~ we had a light, flaky crust.
Isaiah loves to create his own pizza.  I had the boys try a little bit of each topping.

Here he is sprinkling on the goodies.
Our pizzas ready for the oven.
Now how yummy does this look right?
I’ll take another order of that please!
And this was the “look”.  You know, the one where you just know that your child is not going to have anything to do with that, look?  Needless to say ~ my kids polished off the milk and strawberries.
What did I learn for my Mini Chefs Preschool Program? 
Let the children choose their own toppings!
Some of the participants didn’t want cheese.  No problem! 
Some wanted only cheese.  Works for me!
And every single one of my preschoolers ate their pizza!  Go figure.
Here’s one of the circle time stories we did:
{I had cut out paper pieces of pizza with increasing pieces of pepperoni on top}
“Down around the corner in the Pizza Shop
There were lots of pieces of pizza with pepperoni on top
Along came {child’s name} all alone.
He/she bought one that had {number} pieces of pepperoni
And took it home {give child pizza slice}”
Repeat for each participant.
It was a lot of fun.  I can’t wait for next week ~ Fruit Kabobs!
Thanks for reading! 
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  1. says

    I hadnt thought of using crescent rolls. Love your post! We also take regular pizza crust and tear it a part and put in muffin cups the kids call it monkey pizza. Then add toppings and bake.

  2. Alexis says

    Genius idea to use the crescent rolls so each one is their own piece! We always make pizza with the big sheet if dough and the kids section off their areas on it with the stuff they like.

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