Cooking With Kids ~ Quesadillas

So guess what.  I am instructing a cooking course for Preschoolers. 
Yes, you read that right ~ I will be baking, cooking and creating with a group of 3-5 year olds.
It’s called Mini Chefs and I am so excited!  Really!
Now Quesadillas are not on the menu for my little Mini Chefs but I thought that I would practise a bit with the boys at home.  Actually I am not planning on using a stove at all during my course ~ the children will be doing mostly prep and addition work.
I have photos from two quesadilla nights ~ one set using my old Canon and one with the new!

Canon Rebel
We start by sauteing peppers, onions and adding oyster sauce.

Canon Rebel
We have shredded cheese, homemade salsa and tortillas all ready to go.
Cooking With Kids ~ QuesadillasCanon Powershot
Here is Isaiah adding the ingredients to the tortilla resting on the quesadilla maker.

Canon Rebel
Before we put the second tortilla on.  Some toppings;  re fried beans, chicken, beef, sauteed vegetables, cheese and salsa.
Cooking With Kids ~ QuesadillasCanon Powershot
After the quesadilla is pressed.  The boys have fun picking which shapes to eat.

Canon Rebel
My sister demonstrating “how to eat a quesadilla”.
As if you needed instruction!
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