Cork Snowman Ornament

Cork Snowman Ornament

We love our snowmen around here!  Just about every bit of scrap crafting material has been turned into some kind of snowman or another.  The boys and I spent one morning painting all sorts of things white in preparation for creating snowmen.  It was so much fun!  But truly, everything was painted white.  The table, the chairs, each other…  crafting with kids *wink*.  This Cork Snowman Ornament is the perfect little ornament to add just the right amount of festivity to your tree or packages.

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Cork Snowman Ornament


cork (found at Michaels)

acrylic paint

picture hanger


Simply begin by painting the cork white.  Add facial feature and screw a picture hanger to the top.  Tie a length of twine to the top for hanging and voila! you are done!  Beyond easy right?!  And aDORable!!


Cork Snowman Ornament

This little Cork Snowman Ornament is adorable just on its own but would be especially perfect for the wine lover on your Christmas list!  Hang him from the tree or use him to embellish a Christmas package.

Cork Snowman Ornament

What would you do with this little guy?


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