Craft Fair and Market Tips ~ DIY chalkboard signs

If you have been following Twin Dragonfly Designs on Facebook or Instagram then you know that my mom and I have been vendors at our local Farmers Market this summer.

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We began with a few indoor markets in the spring and decided to try our hand at a few summer markets as well.  It has been a huge learning experience that I plan to share with all of you.  I will be posting all that we have learned in the last few months and hope that you might find these tips useful.  

Market Signs (2)

It is really important to have clear signage.  So I set out to create a few simple DIY chalkboard signs.  Using chalkboard worked well for us because we could change our signs as needed, add new items or make price adjustments.  I had created a business sign as well using a vintage window.  You can find the tutorial here.

Market Signs (3)

I scoured the house for old frames.  Then I cut hardboard to fit each frame and spray painted them with black chalkboard paint.  Walmart sells chalkboard paint in the paint section of their store.

Market Signs (4)

I painted each frame blue and turquoise in colour.  I used a dry brush technique over frames that were mostly brown.  This allowed the darker colour to show through in the details of each frame.  I sealed each one with varathane.

Market Signs (6)

Throughout the season we noticed that the chalk written on each sign would become easily scuffed up and we were often re-writing signs.  So I purchased a chalk marker from Michaels that we now love!!  Our signs are even clearer now, no longer look smeared and can still be changed with a simple washing.  

Stay tuned for more Market tips as we wrap up the summer.  We have just two weeks left before we stop to evaluate how it all went down.  Stay tuned!

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