Craft Fair and Market Tips ~ DIY Clothing Rack

If you have been following Twin Dragonfly Designs on Facebook or Instagram then you know that my mom and I have been vendors at our local Farmers Market this summer.

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We began with a few indoor markets in the spring and decided to try our hand at a few summer markets as well.  It has been a huge learning experience that I plan to share with all of you.  I will be posting all that we have learned in the last few months and hope that you might find these tips useful.  


Every spring my mom and I make a few dresses for my little nieces.  Often we go overboard and make more than they could ever need.  This year we got together knowing that we planned to sell dresses at the market.  We created over forty dresses assembly line style.  We love, love, love this years dress design and have even shared the tutorial with you in the past.  Find it here.

Having all of these gorgeous dresses {size 12 months to 8 years} we needed some place to display them.  I found a cheap rolling metal clothing rack on a shop and swap site and we used that at first.  It quickly fell apart and didn’t really compliment the boutique look of our booth.  So feeling fairly ambitious, I created our very own stand alone clothing rack.  Check out the process…


I don’t have exact measurements for you because I was so determined to conquer a few of the power tools that Darcy had lying around the garage that I forgot.  Truly.  I was all “I am woman, hear me roar” and tackled this project in under an hour.


Using a skil saw and a saw horse I cut two 2x4s about 4ft long.  I also cut eight pieces of 2×4 about 14in long.  Darcy was at work.  The neighbors probably thought I looked hilarious.  I was wearing a dress and safety goggles.  Seriously.


After the skil saw I thought that a rotary drill bit would be a piece of cake.  I honestly nearly drilled a hole in my leg.  If Darcy had been home he would have taken the tools away I swear.  But I gotter done!  I created a hole at the top of each one of my long 2x4s big enough to fit a large wooden dowel through.


Alright so then I screwed my little pieces of 2×4 pieces to the bottom of each of the long 2x4s.  Four little pieces around the bottom to form a kind of plus sign.  Don’t worry peeps it’s just a screwdriver.  I got this one.


Here’s my masterpiece all finished.  I had to sand the bottoms to make them more level and all of the ends to smooth out rough patches.  My hand sander and I are friends too so there were no worries there.  Finally I painted the whole thing white {which took longer than actually building it}.


Here is our DIY Clothing Rack which was basically free because we had all of the supplies lying around.
Be sure to stay tuned for many more Market Tips coming soon.

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