Craft Fair and Market Tips ~ Our Display

If you have been following Twin Dragonfly Designs on Facebook or Instagram then you know that my mom and I have been vendors at our local Farmers Market this summer.

Craft Fair and Market Tips ~ Our Display

We began with a few indoor markets in the spring and decided to try our hand at a few summer markets as well.  It has been a huge learning experience that I plan to share with all of you.  I will be posting all that we have learned in the last few months and hope that you might find these tips useful.  

Craft Fair and Market Tips ~ Our Display

I have to be honest, our market display went through many makeovers throughout the summer.  We discovered a few things:

1. This white market tent from Costco was a beast to set up.  Often I was on my own for the initial set up and could not put the tent up by myself.  We eventually bought a cheaper one from Walmart that I could set up on my own.
2.  People didn’t like to “come into” a booth.  They liked to browse the perimeter so by the middle of the summer we had moved our table to the front of the tent to display our goods.
3.  We had too many props.  Each week I was hauling seats in and out of my van to fit it all in.  I didn’t have room for our market supplies AND our kids.  After some helpful advise we started hanging bags, dresses, belts and skirts from the sides of the tent.  We got rid of the clothing rack {sad face}, the folding screen and a few other odds and ends.  We kept the dresser as it was a bit of a show piece and now I could fit everything {including my kids} into the van without having to remove seats.

Craft Fair and Market Tips ~ Our Display

We used an old apple basket for soft swords.

Craft Fair and Market Tips ~ Our Display

We hung our dresses from my DIY clothing rack until it became a pain to load and unload.  Then we started to tie the wooden dowel from the rack to hang from the tent.  Much simpler.

Craft Fair and Market Tips ~ Our Display

We utilized our table for smaller items.  Our products displayed here also changed over the summer.  I loved showcasing things in my grandmas vintage suitcase.

Craft Fair and Market Tips ~ Our Display

The dresser housed Ya Ya Monster Dolls.  Bonus that they could be stored in the drawers.

Craft Fair and Market Tips ~ Our Display

And there you have our display.  Here are the tutorials for my vintage business sign, for the DIY clothing rack and for our chalkboard signs.

Stay tuned for more details on all the products that we sold.  What did well and what tanked.  Are you interested in a complete run down of how much we made?

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  1. Sky says

    Your booth looks phenomenal, Heather! No doubt it still did, even when you made changes. I’d love to hear what people bought and why you thought so, and how much you really made, if you thought it was overall worth it financially, etc. I did a craft fair with a friends several years ago and swore I wouldn’t do it again! But, it did get my blood pumping and was fun too, so I wish I knew how to not have felt that way! ๐Ÿ™‚

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