Create a Bee Friendly Planter

Create a Bee Friendly Planter

This year I wanted to create a few large scale planters to add some color to our backyard.  We have been working very hard on finishing a new deck build, landscaping, a tree fort and pool installation!  I will be sharing all of that with you over the summer months #whoopwhoop!  These planters have made the perfect addition to our new outdoor space.  It was important to me that we provided our local bees with some plants that would encourage them to pollinate and do their thing.  So today I am sharing tips on how to create a bee friendly planter!

There are all kinds of bee friendly plants to choose from.  I chose plants that are draught tolerant and like to be exposed to full sun.  We live in an area that gets very hot in the summer months and we are often gone camping so it was important that our plants could withstand periods of time with little water.  All of our plants were purchased at Costco, I love Costco for local, inexpensive plants!  Here are the plants that we used to create our bee friendly planters…

Bee Friendly Plants

Black-Leaved Thrift

Armeria maritima ‘Vesuvius’

Perennial | full sun | good for edging

Bee Friendly Plants

Perennial Sage

Salvia ‘Sensation Deep Rose’

Perennial | full sun | good for containers

Bee Friendly Plants

Pink Thrift

Armeria maritima ‘Dusseldorf Pride’

Perennial | full sun | flowers spring and fall

Bee Friendly Plants

Perennial Sage

Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’

Perennial | full sun | summer flowers

Bee Friendly Plants


Annual | sun to part shade | good for cascading edges

Bee Friendly Plants

Border Pink

Dianthus Firewitch

Perennial | full sun | long bloomer

Bee Friendly Plants

Autumn Stonecrop

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

Perennial | sun to part shade | fall blooms

Bee Friendly Plants


Annual | sun to part shade | summer blooms

Bee Friendly Plants



Perennial | full sun | hardy and drought tolerant

Bee Friendly Plants

For each of our planters I purchased a 5 gallon lavender, two 1 gallon perennials and 3-4 annuals.  I used these DIY Plastic Bucket Planters to create our bee friendly garden.

Bee Friendly Plants

Good drainage is always important in a planter.  Here I have filled half of our container with rocks and a sand based soil.  I invited my mom and grandma over to fill the remainder of the pots with potting soil and plants.  We had a wonderful time getting together to plant!   Check out my How To Plant Annuals post for more detailed tips and photographs for planting.

Bee Friendly Plants

I love how these planters filled out!  Using a large planter will allow for more time between waterings which is important during our hot summers!  And choosing plants that are draught tolerant and bee friendly is a win-win!  Not only do they look beautiful but they smell good too!

Bee Friendly Plants Bee Friendly Plants Bee Friendly Plants Bee Friendly Plants Bee Friendly Plants

Here is a shot of our backyard and planters.  This used to be the Salsa Garden but is now a simple pathway between the deck and tree fort.  Soon the upper portion of the yard will have a new pool too!  Stay tuned for more updates…

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  1. Judy La says

    Were you able to ascertain when you purchased the plants that they had not been treated with any products containing neonicotinoids? I expect you are aware how very harmful neonicotinoids are to our pollinators.

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