Creative Window Reading Nook

Hey friends!  I just got back from Mexico with the boys and I have to laugh because friends keep asking me, “do you ever stop to take a break?  You just hit the ground running!”  Well, Mexico WAS a break but honestly I have that ‘get it done’ attitude ingrained into my DNA.  I get to do what I love everyday, blog and work with children who have special needs, “work” is often just as fun as “play”.  So sitting down to share this gorgeous Creative Window Reading Nook with you is a pleasure!

When my friend Jen shared this beautiful space on Facebook last week I was floored.  Her husband, Shiney, created this window reading nook for their daughter Capri.  He is the very talented designer behind Birchwater Designs.  You can find his work on Facebook or at Birchwater Design and Interiors.  I would love to share all of his unique designs with you but it’s easier for you to check them out over there.  Picture live edge tables and barn door decor that are drool worthy!  Trust me on this.

I absolutely love the concept behind this nook.  Using the pre-existing window, Shiney created a frame for Capri to rest in while enjoying a good book or snuggling with one of her owl plushies.

While I don’t have a tutorial for you to create your own, if you are local you can always contact Birchwater Design and check into having one built.  Or if you are a hardcore DIY’er I think that this could be a pretty straight forward project!  Simply frame the window with shelving to create a “built in” look.  Top with a selection of colourful cushions and fill with your childs favorite lovies.

It’s times like these that I wish that I had a little girl to decorate for!  Somehow Star Wars and Superheroes just would not lend the same whimsical feel to a space like this.

Many thanks to my friend Jen (and her little model Capri) for allowing me to share this gorgeous space with you guys.  I hope that you love it as much as I do!

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