Crochet Ball Ornament

Crochet Ball Ornament

I love finding new ornaments to add to our Christmas tree.  I look for unique, rustic things that will add texture and dimension to our decor.  This Crochet Ball really called out to me and was super easy to make!  You don’t even need to know how to crochet…

Crochet Ball Ornament-004

I was in Michaels the other day and they had a set of nine crochet decor balls about 3″ in diameter.  I bought two sets (with coupons of course) not knowing what exactly I would do with them.  Then genius struck!  I simply threaded each ball with a loop bakers twine and voila!  instant ornament.  And I love, love, love these crochet ball ornaments!  I plan on attaching a few to various gifts and packages as well.  So just keep your eyes open for some crochet decor balls!!

Happy creating!

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