Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial

free crochet chiffon infinity scarf patternOkay my friends!  Today is the day that I am sharing the tutorial for these gorgeous Crochet & Chiffon Infinity Scarves that I have been making.  Can I get a whoop! whoop!?  You can find them in my etsy shop and here on the blog.  I just love the look of the chunky yarn paired with the delicate material.  It makes these scarves totally unique and versatile – perfect for wearing all year round!Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial

The red yarn that I used for this scarf really pulls the colour out of the delicate flowers on the material.

Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial

You will need two things to create this scarf.  A crochet infinity scarf that is approximately  64″ x 6″ and a chiffon scarf or large piece of lightweight material measuring approximately 22″ x 76″.  I stretch the crochet scarf as I am sewing to match the chiffon scarf in length.

Crochet Scarf Pattern

Yarn: 100m extra bulky ( I like to use Charisma by Loops & Threads)

Hook: Q


ch = chain

dc = double crochet

st = stitch


chain 17

Row 1: dc into the second chain from the hook, ch, skip a stitch and (dc, ch) into next stitch, continue (dc,ch) every second stitch to the end, ch 3, turn (8)

Row 2: skip the first st, (dc, ch) into each st, for the last stitch dc into the second ch from the previous row, ch 3, turn (7)

Repeat until the entire skein has been used.  At this point I sew the ends of the scarf together with excess yarn (if I have any) or with my sewing machine.


Now find the chiffon scarf that you want to upcycle.  This could be purchased at a store, found while thrifting or created out of your own material.  Be sure that it has finished edges.

Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial

The tricky part is sewing the chiffon scarf to the crochet.  Let me tell you how I do it although they are other ways that you could do this I am sure.  I use my sewing machine.  I place the chiffon scarf and the crochet scarf together with wrong sides facing.  So I am sewing from the right side of the fabric. I do not use pins because as I am sewing the edges of the scarves together I am gently pulling on the crochet scarf to stretch it as I go.  When stretched the crochet scarf is about the same length as the chiffon scarf.  They makes the scarves very pliable and comfortable to wear.

Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial

The chiffon scarf is generally much wider than the crochet scarf so it can be confusing laying the scarves out to be sewn together at first.  Just remember to sew wrong sides together and simply stitch the scarves together at the edges (sides).  Does that make sense?  It is not the easiest thing to photograph so please let me know if you have questions.

Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial

In this photo the two scarves are stitched together.  When looped and folded they create a gorgeous, unique look!

Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Can I ask a favor?  If you use my tutorial to make a few scarves please link back to this tutorial to share the love.  Thanks so much!

Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial Crochet Chiffon Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Have fun crocheting and if you need a refresher, check out my EBook below…


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  1. Moira Hanley says

    I love this idea. I have a question though, as I am tad confused. Do you sew the crocheted scarf to one edge of the silk scarf and then to the other side? I can’t figure out from the photo where exactly you sew the two pieces together and then do you so the open ends to make it into a circle? Sorry if I am being a twit but I can’t figure it out 🙂 Thanks!

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