Crochet Slippers ~ Part One

Crochet Slippers ~ Part One Okay.  So here’s my plan.  I want to have a bunch of hand made items stock piled for Christmas this year.  I gave each family a gift basket full of homemade canning, scarves and our cookbook last year.  They were a huge hit!  So I’m starting early, I know.  But isn’t there some saying about a bird and a worm?  
Anyway, where is this going? 
I thought that it would be cool for everyone to have a pair of slippers.  And these turned out SO CUTE!
 Crochet Slippers ~ Part One
I purchased a really easy and adorable slipper pattern from Tara at Mamachee on Etsy.  I love the look of the different colored sole.  The only thing was that the pattern for the women’s size 7-8 turned out to be a child’s size 11.  I don’t know if it was my yarn, my hook or just that I have really tight stitches.  And, after creating a few slippers, they still took me about 3 hours to make each pair.
Crochet Slippers ~ Part One 
I have been experimenting with my own slipper design that is super, duper easy and really fast.  Not as pretty as these two-tone ones but fast!  Did I mention that you can make them really fast?  Like under an hour for a pair fast!  So I will have Crochet Slippers ~ Part Two for you soon.  Where I will share my super, duper easy and really fast crochet slipper pattern!
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  1. Danielle says

    And I thought it was just me! I had the same issue with this pattern! Love the slippers, but so frustrating!

    Just curious, what size did you end up having luck with – to actually make a size 7-8 that fits?

    Look forward to seeing your pattern!

  2. Heather Painchaud says

    I thought maybe it’s because I’m Canadian and it was lost in translation or something LOL I used the largest size on the pattern {11-12} and got a small size 7. I kind of gave up after that because they also took a bit of time to make. I’ll have my easy version posted soon!

  3. Danielle says

    That’s funny! I’m Canadian too and that thought went through my mind as well. I tried almost every size up but still couldn’t make them fit!

    Glad to hear you’ve made an easy version!

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