Dancing Spider Craft

Dancing Spider Craft

Hello, hello friends!!  Today I have an adorable fall themed craft for you, this Dancing Spider!  He wiggles and jiggles and is super easy to create with the kids.  I am not a huge fan of spiders in general but when they are this cute I tend to let my phobia go LOL.

Dancing Spider Craft

Our spider is made using a few simple supplies that you should have laying around in your craft room.  Other than the wooden disc…. if you’re not into chopping down a tree just substitute a heavy piece of card stock or cardboard.

Dancing Spider Craft

I recently scored a pile of wooden discs cut from a tree branch.  You could totally do this yourself if you have a handy-dandy table saw!  I drilled holes in each round of wood to create a spot to tie a hanger for our spiders.  Once this was done we were golden and the crafting commenced.

Dancing Spider Craft

This craft is fun for the kids because the spider dances around from its hanger with legs bouncing in every direction.  You could make a few of these to add to your halloween decor or as “gifts” for friends who love spiders as much as I do *wink*.

Here’s how to create your own Dancing Spider!


Black acrylic paint


Googly eyes

White cardstock

Black pipe cleaners





  1. Paint once side of the wood black.
  2. Glue multiple googly eyes to the front.
  3. Cut two white triangles from paper and glue to the front.
  4. Glue four black pipe cleaners to the back.
  5. Tie twine through the hole to hang.

Watch the video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to put this little guy all together.  Using a hot glue gun works best for fastening the legs on while white glue works best for the googly eyes.

Dancing Spider Craft

What would you do with this Dancing Spider?!?

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