Decorative Tray Revamp

I’ve got a quickie but a goodie for you.

Decorative Tray Revamp

This is my new living room display, on the ottoman. Inspired by Angie at Echoes Of Laughter ~ I love her style!

Decorative Tray Revamp This was my tray before. Bought on clearance at Chapters ~ score!

Decorative Tray Revamp But it needed more texture, something to distinguish it from the leather ottoman. So I grabbed a bit twine, fired up my glue gun and went to work. Every project should be so easy peasy!

Decorative Tray Revamp The best part? Finding things to place on it for every season. Fun!

Not so fun? Trying to keep my 3 year olds out of the cinnamon hearts!
“Hey, those are Mommy’s. Don’t touch!”
{giggles from behind the ottoman}

Thanks for peeking in. If you were planning on swinging by for a play date and some cinnamon hearts ~ you’re too late ~ they’re all gone. LOL

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