Dinosaur Bento

As summer draws to a close most of us are starting to prepare for back to school.  My little guys are off to Kindergarten in September and I plan to send them with some fun, kid friendly lunches that are sure to make them feel loved even when momma’s not there.

Bento style meals are a great way to pack school lunches for kids.  Often bento boxes can be found with individual compartments that eliminate the need for disposable bags and wrappers.  Bento accessories make lunch time fun and interactive too.

I have been building a collection of bento supplies and have found things at:
Dollar Stores

Dinosaur Bento


Here we have a dinosaur ham sandwich {sandwich cutter from the dollar store, edible eyes from Michaels}, red pepper slices, blueberries and Breton crackers {reusable silicone container from Wholeport}.

It really doesn’t take a lot more time to add a little love to our kids lunch boxes.  Be sure to check in every Monday for more school lunch ideas!

Originally written for Okanagan 4 Kids.

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