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Hi friends!
As you may remember we are headed to Disneyland very soon!  We chose to involve the boys in the whole travel process so it has been no surprise to them.  Our kids are super crafty so I had them look through my Disneyland Adventure Pinterest board for some countdown calendar inspiration.  They wanted to make a Mickey Mouse countdown chain for our trip.  Here’s how we did it…

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We cut a bunch of strips of red, yellow and black paper 1″ x 8.5″.  We also had smaller black pieces 1″ x 4″ to create mickey ears with.

Disney Countdown (7)_thumb

The boys simply fastened each strip of paper into a loop with tape, attaching each circle to the last one as they went along.

Disney Countdown (8)_thumb[1]

They also created ears with the smaller black strips of paper and glued those to the large black loops with a hot glue gun.

Disney Countdown (10)_thumb

It was so fun to share the anticipation and excitement with our kids.  They have been diligently tearing a loop from the bottom of the chain every day.  Have you been to Disney?  Any tips for us?
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