DIY Elf T-shirt

DIY Elf T-shirt

When I saw this t-shirt created by Mandy at Sugar Bee Crafts I just knew that I needed to make something similar for the boys.

Mandy used a Silhouette cutting machine and vinyl to create her version.
Sadly, I do not have a Silhouette.  Or vinyl.
BUT I do have a Cricut {a cutting machine that uses cartridges and does not hook up to computer software} and a whole bunch of fabric paint.  

So here’s my DIY version…

DIY Elf T-shirt

I thought that this saying would be perfect for when the boys are running around committing Random Acts of Kindness.  Cute eh?
I cut the word “elf” using my cricut and freezer paper.  Then ironed the freezer paper to the t-shirt and painted the word green.

DIY Elf T-shirt

I used Tulip dimensional fabric paint to create the “celebrate your inner” words and the circle with dots.  I wish now that I had done the black lettering much larger and used freezer paper stencilling.  I actually finished these the morning of December 1st ~ with the boys wearing them that very day.  I used a blow dryer to help the dry faster before we left the house!

DIY Elf T-shirt

They still turned out super cute though and we got lots of compliments on them!  
Love my little elves!

If you follow me on instagram you will find more photos of these t-shirts in action ~ Twin Dragonfly Designs 😉

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