DIY Ladder Golf Game

DIY Ladder Golf Game

Hey guys!  One of our all-time favorite summer games is Ladder Golf (we call it Ladder Ball).  So when our cheap, plastic store bought set fell apart Darcy and I decided to make one of our own.  Today I am sharing this uber easy tutorial for creating your own DIY Ladder Golf game.

DIY Ladder Golf Game

We made these to be easily taken apart as Ladder Ball is a popular game to play whenever we go camping.  So we had to make sure that these were easy to transport and store in the trailer.  It comes apart into eight pieces with six dowels, that can be laid flat and packed up.  We used the balls from our old set that had fallen apart so did not need to make new ones.  You could use golf balls, with holes drilled through the center and rope to tie two of the balls together.  You need at least 6 balls (tied into 3 sets) for each player.


8  bolts 4″x1/16″

8 wing nuts

8 washers

4 2x4s cut 48″ – these are the upright supports

4 2x4s cut 36″ – these are the base supports

6 1″ dowels cut 36″

4 pieces of 1″ plywood approximately 16″x12″

12 2″ screws

DIY Ladder Golf Game


skill saw


jig saw

saw horse

measuring tape


DIY Ladder Golf Game

Step 1:  Measure and mark all of the 2x4s and cut them to length.

DIY Ladder Golf Game

Step 2:  Measure and cut the dowels to length.

DIY Ladder Golf Game

Step 3:  Drill and countersink holes on each of the upright supports.

3 – 1″ holes measured 1 1/2″ from the top, 13 1/2″ from the top and 25 1/2″ from the top.  Drilled 1″ into the 2×4.

2 – 1/16″ holes measured 2″ from the bottom and 12″ from the bottom, countersunk.  Drilled all the way through the 2×4.

DIY Ladder Golf Game

Step 4:  Cut out triangular supports.  Drill three holes at the base of each triangular support.

DIY Ladder Golf Game

Step 5:  Screw the triangular supports to the edge of the base supports at the center of each.

DIY Ladder Golf Game

Step 6:  Fasten the upright supports to the base supports using the bolts, washers and wing nuts.  Finally insert the dowels into each ladder creating two ladders with which to play Ladder Golf.

DIY Ladder Golf Game

They turned out to be super sturdy and durable!  We have since painted the upright supports with black chalkboard paint to provide a place to easily keep score with a piece of chalk.  You could also mark points on the side of the upright and use an elastic band to keep track.  I sealed the wooden ladder with a clear varathane to provide extra durability.

DIY Ladder Golf Game

DIY Ladder Golf Game

Do you have a favorite outdoor game?  What is it?

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