DIY Lightening Bolt Sugar Cookies

 This is the last Superhero Birthday Party post ~ I promise!!! lol
Here are the cookie details…

Felt Owie Owls Tutorial
I wanted to have the children decorate lightening bolt cookies as they arrived to the boys party.  The problem was that I couldn’t find a lightening bolt cookie cutter.  There was one on etsy but I was worried that it wouldn’t arrive in time and/or I would have to pay extra for expedited shipping.


Felt Owie Owls Tutorial
So I created my own cookie cutter.


Felt Owie Owls Tutorial
I used polymer clay {Fimo} and shaped my own lightening bolt.  I simply rolled a long rope of clay then formed that into a bolt shape, then pinched the rolled shape up to create a bit of an edge.  While not perfect, it worked in a pinch.


Felt Owie Owls Tutorial
Then we iced.


Felt Owie Owls Tutorial
And sprinkled.


Felt Owie Owls Tutorial

 And ate. 
I had enough cookies left over to decorate and bring to the boys Halloween party on Monday which was a bonus! 
Okay all done the Superhero madness.
For now.
Felt Owie Owls Tutorial

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