DIY Quatrefoil Wall Stencil

There is just something about the month of March that has me painting.  I don’t know if it’s a spring cleaning thing or what.  I always seem to tackle painting my house in March.  Anyway this accent wall in our dining room has been on my to-do list for a loooong time!  Today I’m going to give you a sneak peek and show you how I created my own DIY quatrefoil stencil.
First I searched online for a stencil that I loved.  I found a gorgeous stencil for $39.95, which after shipping to Canada would have been $60!!!  And it would have taken at least two weeks to get here.  I want to paint now!  Ha ha.  So I googled quatrefoil images and found this one {sorry, I searched through pages of images ~ if this one is yours please let me know so that I can give you proper creds!}.  Then I printed it out onto cardstock and cut out the grey parts.
Next I drew a pencil line straight down the center of my wall.  I lined the edge on the stencil up with this.
Here you see two stenciled images, one on top of the other.
I used a sponge paintbrush and shiny glaze to get my final quatrefoil image.  I filled in the tab/attached area using a small paintbrush after I removed the stencil.
Here I’m almost done a whole row!
My orange paint color is Ground Nutmeg from Behr ~ the second I started painting it on I knew I loved it!  It’s not too Halloweeny you know?  It did take three coats to get a nice, even finish and I still have a lot of stencilling to do but I promise to share the full reveal soon!

Thanks for peeking in!

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  1. Domestic Mama says

    Love it ! I’m a big fan of stencils a have a couple of walls done in the house 🙂 Great job !
    I’m a new follower – if you have a chance I’d love if you checked out my blog as well ! 🙂

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