DIY Scentsy Candle

DIY Scentsy Candle

Do you love Scentsy wickless candles?  I have them all over the house but hate having to throw out all of that wax!  Don’t let the wax from your Scentsy bars go to waste when they loose their scent.  Create a DIY Scentsy Candle with just a few supplies and easy steps.  I love making beautiful projects with something that would have otherwise been discarded.

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DIY Scentsy Candle


Scentsy wax bars that have lost their fragrance

125ml mason jar

wooden dowel

6-8″ candle wick


wick tab (optional)

fragrance oil (optional)

*you can find candle making supplies at Michaels.


Cut the candle wick to match the height of the mason jar.  Attach a wick tab to one end of the wick.  Tape the other end of the wick to the center of the dowel.  Place the dowel over the centre of the mason jar.  When your Scentsy wax is ready to be discarded simply pour the melted wax into the mason jar.  Before it cools add a drop of fragrance oil (optional).  As you continue to fill the jar, layers of wax will build up to create a candle.  It will take 2-3 Scentsy wax bars to fill a small sized mason jar.  If you use your Scentsy warmers more often, consider choosing a larger mason jar to create a bigger candle.

DIY Scentsy Candle

This little mason jar candle took me about six months to fill as I only use my Scentsy warmers once a week or so.  I kept the jar in the same place that I store my Scentsy bars for easy filling.  I love how it turned out with the layers of colourful wax.  And it actually smells great too!  If you would like to add more scent to the candle you can purchase fragrance oils from Micheals.  Add the oil to this DIY Scentsy Candle to give it more fragrance or extent the life of your Scentsy wax by adding a drop to the melted wax in your Scentsy warmer.  As always be sure to use care when burning candles and use in a well ventilated area where they will not be left unattended.

DIY Scentsy Candle

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