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With summer here I want to fill your momma arsenal with a ton of boredom busters.  Quick crafts and projects for the kids that use common supplies found around the home.  Last week we made Rubber Band Balls and this week we are sharing another oldie but goodie, Silly Putty!

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Silly Putty only requires three ingredients:
Elmers White School Glue
Borax Laundry Soap {found in the laundry isle at Walmart}
Food coloring {optional}

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Mix together:
2 tbsp white glue
2 tbsp water
food coloring {as desired}

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Stir until completely combined.

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Next mix:
1 tsp Borax
1/2 cup warm water
stir until Borax is completely dissolved.  Slowly add the Borax water to the glue mixture {about 4-5 tbsps}.  As you add the Borax the mixture will start to change and become more solid.  Drain excess water and form the material into a silly putty ball.  Voila!

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Our kids absolutely love making Silly Putty and yours are sure to love it too!

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