DIY Superhero Drawer Pulls


I have slowly been working on creating a Superhero themed bedroom for my little guys. 
While in the middle of spray painting thier desk red {reveal coming soon} and wondering what to do about the drawer pulls I was struck by a bolt of lightening!
Well, not literally {I’m no superhero}.
But this idea just hit me.
Following my tutorial for Superhero Beads I created these Superhero Drawer Pulls.
Holy awesome idea Batman!

Using Sculpey {an oven bake clay} I sculpted and formed four superhero pulls for the drawers.  Each knob is about 1 1/2 – 2 inches in diameter.  I pressed a hole into the back of each one before baking, making sure that it was slightly smaller than the screw I was using.

 Any superhero would think that these drawer pulls were worth fighting for {and making for your little one!}

We chose Batman {because he’s awesome}, Ironman {because he’s awesome}, Spiderman {because he’s awesome} and Wolverine {because he fit within the colour scheme}.  Sorry Wolverine, just keeping it real.

Full desk reveal COMING SOON!

p.s the drawer pull possibilities are endless.  How about Hello Kitty?  Or Elmo?  How about the Cookie Monster?  Or an Angry Bird?
Ooooo Angry Birds!  Those would be awesome….
Strawberry Freeze

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