DIY Toad Stool Tutorial

This crazy project came about after a suggestion from Amy at Momma Bee Partyz, “why don’t you make a toad stool for the party?” I said “mmmm, that would be cool!” Later that night…. I couldn’t sleep. I actually got out of bed to search the house for toad stool building materials! This was a three evening project. When the boys went to bed I began building….

My building materials… an old desk chair that had been sitting out in the garage…..

and a baby bath chair, destined for the thrift store. It was very important to me that I had a sturdy structure. My ultimate goal was to have children sit on the toad stool for photo ops.

I began crumpling newspaper…

Taping on newspaper balls to create shape and support.

I mountain/valley folded paper to create a fan shape that I could use as the ‘gills’ of the mushroom.


I used a total of 6 cups of flour, mixed with water for this entire project. The flower and water created a paper mache paste which I used to adhere strips of paper to my structure.

The mushroom ‘cap’ has 4 layers of paper, the ‘stem’ 3.

Painting the underside.

Painting of the whole Toad Stool.

The top of the mushroom.

Photo op!
Cool eh?  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. says

    that is amazing that you can make something like this.. i consider myself creative but nothing like this.. or even close to this… cant wait to see more for this party…

    by the way i was wondering where you got your peal and stick wall dr seuss people???

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