DIY Toddler Bed Tutorial

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Today I’m going to share with you our tutorial for creating
DIY Toddler Beds.

We used the tutorial from Design Mom but changed the height, braced the corners and sized them to fit our crib mattresses.

My original inspiration for these beds was from Gabrielle at the Design Mom.

This project took the hubs and I a weekend of evenings and nap times to complete.  The total cost of supplies and materials {for two beds] was about $200.  You can check out my original post here for more details.

Materials needed:
{our crib mattresses measured 52″ x 27″}
4 pieces of 3/8″ thick plywood ~ 16″ x 27″
4 pieces of 3/8″ thick plywood ~ 16″ x 52 3/4′
2 pieces of 3/8″ thick plywood ~ 52″ x 27″
We purchased three 4’x8′ sheets of plywood and cut our pieces from them.

4 pieces of 2″x2″ wood ~ 23″
4 pieces of 2″x2″ wood ~ 48″
16 pieces of 2″x2″ wood ~ 3″ {for bracing corners}
We used 2″x4″ wood for our braces because that’s what we had on hand.

4.5 yards of cotton batting
4.5 yards of cotton material
20″ wide by 160″ long for each bed.

Screws {100 #2 Robertson 1 1/2″}
Measuring Tape
Skill or table saw
Staple Gun
3/8″ staples

A helper who’s good with power tools {if you’re anything like me}.

Ready?  Lets build the frame.  Measure and mark all of your cuts {1}.  Cut all of your pieces of wood to size {2}.  You can even have this done for you at some Hardware Stores.  We found that our screws split the wood when trying to attach our corners {3} so we cut 16 corner braces {4}.  Two braces for each corner.   
Measure and mark a line 2″ from the top of your plywood sides on the inside.  Measure and mark a line 2 1/2″ from the top of your plywood sides on the outside {5}.  Line up each brace with the corner edge of your plywood, making sure that the upper brace is 2″ from the top and the bottom brace is approx. 1″ from the bottom of your frame.  Screw braces into place {6}.  Attach sides together using braces at each corner {7}.  Now lets create a rail.  Attach the long 2″x2″ pieces to the long side of the frame and the short pieces to the short side.  Line up the top of the 2″x2″ on the inside 2″ line and screw on the 2 1/2″ line from the outside {8}. 

Screw all of the rail pieces into place using approx. 1′ between screws {9}.  The 2″x2″ rails should fit snugly against the corner braces {10}.  Now that you have completed the bed frame, place your large piece of 3/8″ plywood mattress support on.  Test for fit and adjust if necessary {11}.  Let’s upholster!  Lay your cotton batting out around your bed and be sure to have enough coverage.  Fold about 2″ of batting over the top edge and staple on the inside.  Place your staples appox. 2″ apart to give a nice flat finish.  Continue to fold and staple around the top of the bed frame, then do the same to the bottom {12}.

Wash and press your material before applying to your bed frame.  Then using the same technique as with the batting, staple material to the inside of the bed frame {13}.  Overlap the ends slightly to create a seam at the back or whip stitch the ends together.  Be sure to have staples lay flat and pull any that stick out {14}.  Put in your mattress support {15} and your bed frame is now complete {16}.

We just love them ~ big enough for toddlers but small enough to put two in a room.
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DIY Toddler Bed Tutorial
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