DIY Yip Yip Costume Tutorial

DIY Yip Yip Costume Tutorial

Hello friends!  My favorite part of Halloween is the costumes.  October is a busy month full of birthday parties so I don’t do a lot of decorating for fall.  My good friend Amy throws a massive Halloween party every year and creates an epic haunted house for trick-or-treaters.  There is no way that I could compete with her talents so I throw my creative energy into our fun costumes.  Like these DIY Yip Yip Costumes that I made for our family a few years ago.

DIY Yip Yip Costume Tutorial

These awesome costumes were made by Jenny, a reader from Texas, who sent me this photograph and awesome email:

I wanted to email to thank you for your Yip Yip costume pattern. Halloween is a big deal at my office, so my group usually does a group costume. We decided on Yip Yips this year and used your pattern to make our costumes. They turned out so GREAT! We made 10 costumes in all. We were a huge hit at the office and won the group costume contest in a landslide. It was so much fun, and the anonymity was the best part. We disrupted every meeting we came across. MOST people thought it was funny… 🙂

We did make a couple of modifications to suit our situation:

We were going to be wearing these all day and wanted to be able to uncover our heads as needed. We left the bottom half of the black sheer fabric free, leaving a hole that couldn’t be seen when we held up the lip but allowed us to expose our heads. It worked sort of like a hoodie…

Also, we couldn’t find large fleece blankets in all the colors we needed, so we each bought 4 yds. of 58″ wide fleece. It was just the right amount. We were even able to use the excess to roll up in the lip instead of purchasing the batting.

I’ve attached a pic so you can see how great they all turned out. (I’m the one in the dark purple.) Thanks again for your awesome tutorial!!

If I had to sum up why I blog into one post, this would be it!  I love hearing from you, my readers and knowing that I have in some small way inspired you.  Thank you Jenny for sharing these epic costumes, they turned out fan-freaking-tastic!!!

DIY Yip Yip Costume Tutorial

If you would like to make your own Yip Yip Costumes be sure to check out my Yip Yip Costume Tutorial (it includes a FREE pattern)!  And if you have a costume that you would like to share, please send it to me!  I would love to see it!

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