DIY Yoda Star Wars Running T-shirts

Hello, hello my friends!  I have been dying to share this post with you about our experience participating in a 5K Fun Run.  The boys and I signed up for Foam Fest last spring and had an absolute blast hiking up the side of a mountain, running through mud pits and climbing over obstacles!  I created these Yoda Running team t-shirts for us that were a huge hit with everyone who saw them.  This foamy, muddy photo is us after crossing the finish line….

The backs of our t-shirts, check out the mud on Cameron! LOL

I loved the idea of creating team t-shirts for us!  It’s a great way to build excitement and create a sense of comradery.  Our little team had to go with a Star Wars theme of course, you know how much we love Star Wars!

So I made these simple DIY Yoda Star Wars Running T-shirts for us and am sharing the free printable file with you today.  They were really easy to create and didn’t require a cutting machine or special tools.  All you need is a printer with black ink, iron on transfers from Michaels, white t-shirts, an iron and scissors.

How adorable are we?!?  I paired our Star Wars T-shirts with camo accessories like buffs and socks to help tie our look and team together.

This image fits on one sheet of transfer paper so you will need as many sheets of transfer paper as you are wanting to make t-shirts for.  Follow the instructions on the package of transfer sheets after downloading the free printable image and printing.

Many iron on transfers require that you “flip” the image so that it is reversed when printed and can be ironed on the clothing facing out.

I like to print my graphic on plain paper first so that I can get the orientation correct.  Here I marked a plain piece of paper with a yellow highlighter so that I knew which side of the paper that my printer would print on.  This way I eliminated wasting my transfer paper.

This is what our graphics looked like once printed onto transfer paper.  The words are flipped so that they face the front of the shirt while ironing the back side of the transfer paper.

Finally after printing the image onto the photo transfer paper I cut it out as best I could and ironed it onto our t-shirts.  Download the free printable Yoda Running T-shirt graphic here.

Our team before the race.

Our team after the race!  We had an absolute blast and plan to make this an annual event.  We killed the course and conquered all of the obstacles, even running to and from many of the sections of the race.  I started a keto lifestyle in preparation for this event and have had a lot of success with it.  Check out my Keto Beginner Guide to see the results!

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