Dollar Store Wreath Upcycle

Dollar Store Wreath Upcycle

Hey guys!  I was not planning on sharing this as a post on the blog but it’s such a dramatic transformation that literally ANYONE could do, that I just had to upload the photos!  So I apologize for the lack luster quality of my iPhone photos but you get the idea.  I bought a few wreaths from the dollar store for $3 with every intention of upcycling them and hanging them in my kitchen.  They turned out even better than I expected and for a total of $10 each were the perfect, cost effective, addition to this space.

Dollar Store Wreath Upcycle

This is the $3 wreath.  Pretty barren and sad looking hey??  But it has great form and is the perfect starting point for these holiday wreaths.  Here’s how to create your own…


Fir wreath form ($3)

Holiday picks x3 ($3)

Gingham ribbon ($.50)

Battery operated lights ($2)

Snowflake ornament ($1.50)

Dollar Store Wreath Upcycle

Fluff the wreath.

Dollar Store Wreath Upcycle

Add holiday picks and hot glue into place.  I also added extra pine cones (from my yard) as needed.

Dollar Store Wreath Upcycle

Wrap with gingham ribbon.  I used wired ribbon and simply fastened it to the wreath with hot glue.

Dollar Store Wreath Upcycle

Add battery operated lights.  There were lights at the dollar store for only $2!!  The ones that I used are actually a bit more expensive and from Walmart.  I like them because they have an automatic timer so I don’t have to mess with turning them on or off which is a nice feature if you have multiple displays with lights.

Dollar Store Wreath Upcycle

Add the snowflake ornament to the center (these were from Homesense).  Hang with a bit of bakers twine and voila!  Instant holiday decor in the kitchen.  My kitchen is always challenging to decorate because my cabinets are to the ceiling.  I find hanging wreaths or wrapping the cabinet doors in ribbon helps to bring the festive feeling into the space.  Do you have any tips for making the kitchen feel more festive??

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