Dragon Boat Paddle


Long before I started writing this blog, before I had children and before Facebook I was an avid paddler.  That is I paddled in Dragon Boat races, on Outrigger teams and even jumped into a regular old canoe once or twice.  As a teen and young adult I belonged to the Vernon Racing Canoe Club ~ paddling was my absolute favorite sport!  When I moved away from home I lost touch with my love of water sports but my trusty paddle has travelled with me through all of these years!  


I dug my paddle out of storage to join a Dragon Boating team this spring!  I am BEYOND excited!  I went for a quick refresher course out in the boat, on the water and immediately fell in love with paddling again.  The sense of peace and calm, the rhythm of our paddles hitting the water were things that I didn’t know I had missed.  


The next day my body reminded me that it had been ten years since I was on a Dragon Boat and I am much older now! ha ha  Rest assured I have joined a Rec team who is out to have fun and get some excersize not go hard core across the length of the lake!  {I think that I would die}.  


Yes, I painted this dragon image onto my paddle, about twelve years ago!  I used acrylic paint and a varathane top coat to seal the image.  Back in the day this was a very unique paddle!  Well now you can find an artist at local festivals that will actually airbrush your paddle and create custom artwork!  How times change 🙂


Well peeps, wish me luck out on the water!  
Cheers to new adventures…
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