Driftwood Sign ~ a teacher gift

Cameron and Isaiah have the most amazing preschool teacher.  She is always full of smiles and her love for all of our littles really shines through.  
Yesterday was the boys’ last day of preschool before September so we thought she should have a little something from us to say thank you.
I really wanted to make it personal and unique.
The month of June has been really stormy and rainy here in the Okanagan.  All sorts of things have been washing up on the beaches. The boys and I scored a pile of driftwood on our last trip to the beach {just before it was all about to be cleaned up and hauled away}.
We chose a nice big piece and I primed then painted it blue.
Using red, orange and yellow paint I had Cameron and Isaiah create a sun using their hand prints.  I painted “you are our Sunshine” on the front as well.
Then I drilled a couple of holes in the top and strung a wire through them.
Finally I used a sharpie to write the boys’ names and the date on the back of the driftwood.
I really like it.  Personal and unique.
Thanks for swinging by.
I hope that you have a sun shiny day!
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