Easy Chewbacca Chocolate Cheesecake

Hey guys!!!  We just celebrated the boys 10th birthday last week, can you believe that they are TEN?!!  We had an epic sleepover birthday party for the first time ever.  I still can’t believe how late these kids can stay up!  1 am was my limit but they were still going strong at 2 and might have finally fallen asleep by 3.  In the morning!!  Ha ha!  It will only get worse as they become teenagers I’m told.  So, I wanted to do something simple for their birthday cake.  It doesn’t get much easier than this Easy Chewbacca Chocolate Cheesecake!

I love the idea of working smarter, not harder.  This cake was a last minute thing.  I actually went to the grocery store looking for cupcakes that I could repurpose with a Star Wars theme.  Not finding cupcakes I picked up a small chocolate cheesecake and a tub of chocolate frosting with an idea…

Then when I got home I made a large rectangle of solid chocolate by melting semi sweet chocolate chips in the microwave.  I used the same method for the smaller grey rectangles using white chocolate chips and black food colouring.  When those hardened I quickly created our cake!

Very simply I covered the entire cheesecake with frosting then used a fork to get a furry look.  Finally I layered on the chocolate pieces and voila!  Chewbacca!!  Honestly, this could not have been easier to create!  I love when things work out like that… especially when in the middle of crazy party planning and coordinating.

Check out the video for the complete DIY instructions.  EASY!  I promise!

I also made a Star Wars snack bar for the boys to enjoy with their friends… for late night party snacking *wink*.  I’ll be sharing all of the details and a few of the fun goodies that I created soon!

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