Easy Fall Cake Tutorial

Easy Fall Cake Tutorial

Hello my friends!  Today I am sharing one of my all-time favorite cakes to decorate, this Easy Fall Cake that is a show stopper.  I swear, it really is easy to create!  With a bit of gum paste and pearl dust you too can make these gorgeous fall leaves and cover an entire cake with them!  Let me show you how…

Easy Fall Cake Tutorial

How pretty are these (completely edible) leaves?!  I made this cake for Thanksgiving a few years ago and it was a huge hit with the entire family.  Most of us didn’t want to cut into it and disturb the lovely layered leaves LOL.  I simply made a round vanilla pound cake, layered it with vanilla pudding in the middle and covered it with brown fondant to create a base for my gum paste fall leaves.  The leaves were fun and easy to make, I would totally make them again!  Here’s what you need…


1.5″ leaf shaped cookie cutter

Gum Paste

Rolling Pin

Plastic Wrap

Real Leaves


Food grade paintbrush

Pearl Dust

Tin foil

All of these supplies can be found at Michaels.

Easy Fall Cake Tutorial

Step 1. Roll the gum paste to about 1/8″ flat and cut out leaf shapes.

Easy Fall Cake Tutorial

Step 2. Place plastic wrap over a real leaf (be sure to pick one with large veins).

Easy Fall Cake Tutorial

Step 3. Use the rolling pin to roll the gum paste leaf over the real leaf, lining up the real leaf veins with the stem of the gum paste leaf.

Easy Fall Cake Tutorial

Step 4. “Paint” the gun paste leaves using a food grade paintbrush, vodka and pearl dust.  The vodka allows you to spread the pearl dust but dries quickly so that the leaves don’t become “gummy” or too wet.

Easy Fall Cake Tutorial

Step 5.  Drape the painted leaves over crumpled up tinfoil to give them more shape and texture.  Allow the gum paste leaves to dry before placing them on the cake.  Affix the leaves to the cake with a bit of water or frosting.

Easy Fall Cake Tutorial Easy Fall Cake Tutorial Easy Fall Cake Tutorial Easy Fall Cake Tutorial Easy Fall Cake Tutorial

I absolutely love the layered look of these gum paste leaves on this easy fall cake.  This would make the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving festivities!  If you make one please share it, I would love to see your creations…

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