Embroidery Hoop Apple Teacher Gift

Embroidery Hoop Apple

It is hard to believe that school will be starting again in just a few short weeks!  We are excited to meet new teachers, make new friends and get back into a solid routine.  But I am the first to admit that I will miss all of the sleeping in that we have been doing this summer.  *wink*  The boys and I decided to get crafty last week and created these cute Embroidery Hoop Apples to give to their teachers in September.

Embroidery Hoop Apple

This is a quick, simple project that is perfect to create with the kids!

Materials that you will need:

3″ wooden embroidery hoop

Red polka dot material

Green felt

Chalkboard sticker


Hot glue gun

Apple Tutorial

Step 1:  Cut the material to size (approx. 4″x4″) and cut a tear drop, leaf shape from the felt.

Apple Tutorial

Step 2:  Place the material over the inner hoop and fasten tightly together with the outer hoop.  Trim the excess material from the back of the hoop.

Apple Tutorial

Step 3:  Glue on the leaf and embellish with chalkboard sticker (if desired).

Embroidery Hoop Apple

I love how cute and easy this project is!  The boys made these in no time with very little help from me.  These could be made into cherries by just adding two little leaves and a stem instead of the one apple leaf.  I think that they are adorable with or without the chalkboard tag too.  They could be hung from a wall or showcased on a teachers desk.

Embroidery Hoop Apple

Embellishing these with a chalkboard “A”, “B” and “C” would be totally fun too and make a great decoration for the classroom.  Our boys are entering grade two this year (it’s hard to believe!) and will be in separate classrooms again.  So I am always looking for small little teacher gifts that we can make in duplicate to give to their teachers and CEAs.

Apple Chalkboard Teacher Gift Do you have any cute Teacher Gift Ideas that you plan to use this year?  Please share!

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