Emoji Sticker Valentines with Free Printable

Hello friends!!  Oh my gosh, my kids are totally obsessed with Emojis!!  Is this normal?  Even before the Emoji Movie came out they were begging for emoji stuffies and sending me heart eyes and “poop” via text plus LOL  It’s cute actually, I just hope that they will still learn how to communicate outside of the little yellow faces.  So when I saw these emoji stickers at the dollar store I knew that the boys would LOVE to give these to their classmates this year.  Grab the free printable and you can create these Emoji Sticker Valentines too…

Oh that face!  The hopeful eyes just kill me… adorable!!

I picked up a pack of Emoji Stickers at Dollarammma and got to work on creating a quick printable to share.  This is a super simple valentine to create.  The kids should have no problem making these themselves!  Simply have them cute apart the emoji stickers, leaving the sticker backing on.  Then use double sided tape to “stick” the sticker to the valentine.  This way their friends can peel the sticker off themselves and use it to decorate their own stuff.

Grab this free printable by right clicking the image above and saving it to your computer to print.  Or download the Emoji Sticker Valentine via Google Drive.  For personal use only please.

“Valentine, I’m mad about you!”  Seriously, so funny!!!  Can I give these to coworkers do you think?!?!  Good for laughs thats for sure!

Which Emoji Sticker Valentine is your favorite??  I found these Emoji Stickers on Amazon if you can’t find any in the dollar store.  You could also have your child draw and colour their own emoji faces onto these valentines.  That would be adorable and so personal!

Are your kids as crazy over emojis as mine are???

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