English Muffin Bento

English Muffin Bento

Happy Monday friends!
What is a Mom to do when she realizes that there is not a single slice of bread or pizza bun to be found in the house?!  Pull out the English Muffins of course {typically reserved for Eggs Benedict by kids request on the weekend}.
Above we have a peanut butter and jam english muffin sandwich, cheese string, boiled egg, kiwi, strawberries and apple sauce {in a squish’em}.  Little elephant pick found at bentousa.com

English Muffin Bento

The next day I tried to dress up the english muffin with a few candy features.  hee hee Here we had a peanut butter and jam sandwich, pretzels, yogurt and strawberries.  Silicone muffin liner from Wholeport and containers from Easy Lunchboxes.
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