Epic Antique Mirrors

Alright Peeps.  I freaking love, love, love this project!
I know, I know.. I freaking love every project.
But me and these mirrors???  We’re like this.

Aren’t they gorgeous?  Aren’t they beautiful? 
{At least that’s what I tell them every time I walk by}.
Okay seriously I also love Mandi at Vintage Revivals.  She inspired these mirrors with her Anthropologie Acid Mirror TutorialLoved it!

I found another tutorial from HGTV so we know that it’s totally legit.

Here are my poor little frames BEFORE.
The goldie was free, the black one $1 at a thrift store, the small one $1 at a garage sale and the clock was supervising the transformation.
Cost of mirrors {thanks Speedy Glass} $10.

Now I have to digress.  This was the most intimidating project that I have attempted to date. 
Have you ever white water rafted?  Rode the Drop of Doom?
I have.
And I had the same feelings of apprehension, nervousness and {pee your pants} excitement while doing this project.  The climax?  Not dieing of ACID exposure.  YAY!
Seriously I was freaked.  If I knew where to buy a haz-mat suit I would have.  Muriatic Acid?  Not your friend.  Scary!  Anyway, back to the mirrors…

I primed {1} and painted {2} my frames.  Then I used 4 parts Faux Glaze {3} and 1 part acrylic paint to distress my frames {4} {5}.  Then I tried valiantly to get the freaking paint off of the back of my mirror {6}.  Paint stripper?  More like paint dresser.  So I scrapped the back of my mirror with a putty knife {7} and what a workout that was!  See the grey and orange paint still remaining? Then I put on my protective gear, chatted a bit with God and sprayed Muriatic Acid on the back of my mirror.  Oh My!  How cool is that?  I survived!  And portions of my mirror are see through {8}.  Wow!  Totally worth it!  Lets do that AGAIN!! Oh {9} picked out gorgeous patterned paper to line the mirrors with.

My finished project.
And now for a whole bunch of photos of these beauties…

Might be my favorite…

Oh but those blue polka dots…

and that turquoise!

Pretty details.

They rest at the top of our entrance way/stairwell. 

sigh.  I’m in love.
Thanks for reading ~ I hope that you love them as much as I do!
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  1. Jayna Rae says

    PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the polka dots.

    I am planning on doing this curvy, long IKEA mirror that is hanging in my dining area. It actually hangs too high for people to see in it. It just reflects the chandelier. Thus, this is the perfect project. I am glad to see that another person has tried it, because I was afraid it was something that only Mandi was brave enough to so (muriatic acid is scary). I will have to send the kidlets away to do this.

  2. Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made says

    These are fantastic! This is on my ‘to do’ list — I saw a site where they used OVEN CLEANER to remove the mirror silver so I think I’ll try that first. I know it has to be a “real” mirror and not one with ‘fake’ silver like you’d find at the dollar store but I’m thinking I’ll try it on a few oldies I have to see if it works! Thanks for sharing your amazing project!

  3. Ty and Whitty says

    I love this and have been wanting to try it. But was scared was it hard? I am visiting from keeping it simple linky party. Come and say hi I love visitors


  4. Mary Ellen says

    Gosh I guess muratic acid is my next try. Someone said to use oven cleaner which did absolutely nothing and I had heard the stripper didn’t do a great job either.

    Love the backgrounds you used! and the frames look so pretty in there new paint!

  5. janet says

    Good Morning…
    I hate to be such a spoil sport, but we Do it Yourselfers(I’m including myself) really need to start being more aware of the damage we inflict on our delicate environment. Muratic Acid??? That stuff is TOXIC! It gets in the air, in the ground and in your lungs. Where are all of you Muratic Acid users storing this stuff? Even closed it can erode things around it in your garage or basement.

    Please think about the products you use and respect those toxic warnings on the labels.

    We only have one planet and we need to respect it.

    Thanks for letting me play Devils advocate ;->

    Janet xox

    PS…I have decided to stop using spray paint from a can….will use my non aerosol sprayer only. Every little bit helps

  6. Kara says

    They look great! It is scary working with some of that stuff, but glad to see that you survived it for an awesome outcome! Especially one that you love so much!

    Great job!

  7. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says

    These are absolutely gorgeous~ love how they came out! The details are wonderful~Would love for you to come share these at Feathered Nest Friday 🙂

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