Eye Like You Free Printable

Eye Like You Printable #halloween #valentine

How cute is this little gift idea?  I love that the kids could use this as a sugar-free Halloween treat alternative or save it for later as an adorable Valentine.  I created them to help teach one of my boys social responsibility.  He has been having a tough time making friends so he gave them to his classmates as a random act of kindness a few weeks ago.  Here’s how easy these are to create…

Eye Like You Halloween Printable

All you need are these adorable eraser eyeballs {found at Superstore}, double sided tape and the blue and/or orange free printable.

Eye Like You Halloween Printable-001

Print and cut out the “eye like you” card and use the double sided tape to stick an eyeball to each one.

Eye Like You Halloween Printable

Super cute right?!  And easy!

Eye Like You Halloween PrintableWhat would you do with these festive little treats?



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