Fabric Maze {from Carlee @ Ladybird Ln}

It’s Day 3 of One For the Boys Holiday Edition.  Thank you for joining us!  We have had some really fun, boyish projects this week with more to come!  Don’t forget to get in on our One For the Boys GIVEAWAY!
Fabric Maze {from Carlee @ Ladybird Ln}
Our next guest is Carlee from Ladybird Ln.  Carlee is one crafty momma!  We had a great time paticipating in So You Think You’re Crafty together.  And when she says we have similar taste check this out:
Here’s her gorgeous Red Piano for SYTYC.
And my Upcycled Button Wreath that I had made for the very same week.  If I can pry this wreath away from my mom, I’m sending it to Carlee to grace the top of her lovely piano. lol  Please welcome Carlee!

Fabric Maze {from Carlee @ Ladybird Ln}
I am so excited to be here at Twin Dragonfly Designs!  Me and Heather go way back… ok, maybe just to SYTYC, but I am so glad that I have been able to get to know Heather better, she is such a talented person, and we have very similar taste!
My name is Carlee, I blog at Ladybird Ln, I like to blog about simple recipes, crafts, home design, and life in general!  I have two sassy girls, and one little buckaroo!  My little man often feels left out because he is the only boy in our family, and has ONLY girl cousins… So I was excited for the challenge of making something for the boys!
I saw a simple fabric maze on Pinterest, HERE, and I thought it looked like fun!  I wanted to make a larger more complicated maze, to keep my busy boy well… BUSY.  This is a fairly simple project that uses up some of your scraps, and costs PENNIES to make! 

Items Needed:
Fabric Scraps for maze, add 3/4 inch to the long and short size of your maze.  For my printable, I cut out..
    2- 7 1/4″ and 10 1/4″ rectangles
    2- 2″ squares
Contrasting thread, you do not want the thread to match the fabric.
Decorative flat glass stone (smaller size) (You can purchase a bag full at the dollar store)
Printed Maze
Ribbon, cut 5″ length

Step 1: Prep
Print and cut out maze,  and measure the length and width of the maze itself.  This maze should be about 6 1/2″ by 9 1/2″.
Cut two rectangular pieces of fabric 3/4″ longer then the long and short side of the maze.  It works out nicely if you do one solid colored fabric for the front, and a fun patterned for the back… (I learned that after I took these pictures)!
In addition cut two, two inch fabric squares for the corner piece. Fold the square down the diagonal of the square to make a triange, if using felt just cut the square in half, because you do not need a finished edge.

Step 2: Assembly

On the right side of the front fabric, sew fabric triangles to opposite corners, (this will denote the start and finish of the maze). Look at the maze and make sure you put them in the right corners.  Fold the ribbon in half and tack it to the edge of the fabric.  Your pieces should now look like the picture above.
With a 1/4″ seam allowance, and right sides together,  sew around the perimeter of the front and back pieces, leaving a small opening.

Turn right side out, and press.
Pin the maze directly onto the front of the  fabric.
Sew on the paper (it will be ok), directly on the lines of the maze.  MAKE SURE YOU BACK STITCH, at every corner, and at the end of every line.  It is best if you use a contrasting thread, so that you can see the lines clearly, (I learned this by trial and error too!).  You do not need to sew the perimeter border of the maze.
Rip off the paper, my kids love helping with this part!
Place a flat glass stone, in the opening.
Close the opening up, and zig zag stitch around the outside, and you are ready to go!
This little maze is a huge hit with my little guy!  He likes to ‘drive the rock’ around he says!
In fact, he loves it so much, he wants me to make one for 
He is so sweet and certain, his mom can do this, and that his friends will just love it, it is hard to say no!  So if you don’t see me for a while, I will be making mazes for the masses!
I don’t usually like solid colored things, but for the maze it really works well, you can see the maze better, and you can still have your fun patterned fabric on the back.  The front of this game is cream felt!
Thanks for letting me visit Heather, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas… And as always I love new visitors so come visit me at Ladybird Ln!
Fabric Maze {from Carlee @ Ladybird Ln}
Thank you for visiting Carlee!  I loved this idea so much that I have already made some of my own {10 in fact.  For the boys and thier preschool class}.  I’ll share them at the end of the week.  And don’t forget to stop by Ladybird Ln to give Carlee some love!
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