DIY Painted Leaf Garland

Painted Leaf Garland DIY

Hello friends!  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love the chill in the air that creates the need for cozy cardigans and chai tea latte.  The best part of the season is when the leaves on our trees begin to change color and provide a vibrant backdrop to the landscape.  We took the family for a road trip to my Grandparents property in the Kootneys recently.  The drive was breathtaking, through deciduous forests of yellow, orange and red leaves.  The boys and I collected leaves during our visit and created this DIY Painted Leaf Garland.

Painted Leaf Fall Garland

I love the look of this variegated garland.  It is the perfect addition to our fall decor.  Simply elegant.  Hang this from the kitchen cupboards or embellish the front door!  This would look beautiful on the mantel for Thanksgiving as well.

Fall Leaves

When we arrived home from our trip I pressed all of the leaves between some heavy books for a few days.  I think that we have oak, willow and dogwood leaves here.  I love the colors and different shapes of each leaf, how gorgeous are they all by themselves?!


Our leaves were made even more spectacular using one simple supply.  A white, Fine Tip Paint Marker from Elmers.  Have you used these markers before?  They are brilliant!  The fine tip is perfect for a delicate project like this and the paint flows smoothly onto the surface of each leaf.


I spent an evening on the couch, watching a movie with the hubs, painting leaves.  It was divine!  Probably the recipe for my perfect date night.  LOL


There are endless pattern and design ideas when painting leaves.  I was inspired by all of the adult coloring books that have been popping up everywhere and free-handed a design onto each leaf.


The red dogwood leaves are probably my favorite.  The color really pops with the white paint.  A gold, Fine Tip Paint Marker would be a gorgeous choice too, for a more subtle and classic look.


This project was very therapeutic, very much like coloring or doodling.


I used Elmer’s White School Glue to attach the leaves to a length of twine.  After drying, the garland was ready to hang.

Leaf Garland

I have this hanging from our buffet in the dining room.  It looks amazing with the wooden backdrop.  Where would you hang a painted leaf garland?

Painted Leaf Garland

I am a member of the Elmer’s Crafty Parents Crew.  

This post has been sponsored by Elmer’s however all opinions are 100% my own.

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