Fall Scarf Wreath

Fall Scarf Wreath

Hello friends!  Fall is the most colourful time of year and I absolutely love it!  Nature provides us with a bounty of glorious foliage that is perfect for sprucing up our homes.  I drew inspiration from the season for this lovely Fall Scarf Wreath that is now gracing my front door.  

Fall Scarf Wreath

This wreath is quick and easy to make and even uses items that you may already have lying around the house.  A colourful scarf wrapped around a wreath form is the base for this fun project.

Fall Scarf Wreath


styrofoam wreath form

festive scarf

sewing pins

silk flowers and fall foliage

hot glue gun (optional)

Fall Scarf Wreath Fall Scarf Wreath

Step 1: wrap the wreath form with the scarf.  Use the pins to fasten the scarf in to place.

Step 2: embellish the wreath with fall foliage.  Use pins or hot glue to fasten in to place.

Hang on your front door and voila! you now have a splash of beautiful fall colour to greet your guests!

Fall Scarf Wreath

It doesn’t get much easier than that!  I had a bit of trouble deciding which silk flowers and leaves to pair together but that was about it.  If you want to re-use the scarf simply pin all of the elements to the wreath and unpin at the end of the season.  Win-win!

Fall Scarf Wreath

Happy fall y’all!!

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