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I have to admit that I am one of those lucky moms who has boys that really don’t care what they wear.  They don’t put up a fuss or demand to wear red {pink, purple, blue you name it} everyday.  They buy into the accessories and are happy to wear just about anything that I throw at them.  Believe me, I know how lucky I am!  And I know that it probably wont last forever.

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One of the things that they are particular about it their hair.  Isaiah {my brunette} likes to grow his hair long until it starts to stand up at odd angles then he has me shave it all off to about a quarter inch.  Cameron {the little blondie pictured} likes to have a “stylich” faux hawk.  He has fun with it and asks me to spike it in different ways and put different colours in it.  I basically just shave the back and sides of his head down to a quarter inch then trim the rest using my scissors.

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His hair is super fun to style and this side swept faux hawk is our current favorite.  I use a product called Stucco by AG that makes his hair pliable and soft not stiff and hard.  I used to use Stucco to spike that back of my hair when it was super sort and I still love it.

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Knit Hoodie: GAP {$12.99}
Graphic T: TCP ~ the children’s place {$5.99}
Jeans: TCP ~ the children’s place {$9.99}
Shoes: DC Outlet {$35}

Total: $64.97

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Do your kids have any go to hair styles?  
Do they let you play with their wardrobe?
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